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A couple of months ago, I heard through the grapevine that VitaVee was preparing something special in the funnel building and tracking software arena. There are two things here that had me intrigued from the start. Firstly, a new product release from VitaVee always has my attention. Secondly a new software product to keep track of my sales funnels is just what I need right now as a long term user of both CPV labs and Prosper 202. So the combination of the two things is definitely something to sit up and take notice of. In this review I aim to show you the pros and cons of Funnel Flux, how easy it is to install, its functionality and ease of use and how it compares to it’s competitors.

The Importance of Tracking

As an affiliate marketer for many years and also a creator of my own products I realized a long time ago that the only way to succeed in this business is to know in fine detail everything about the traffic you send through your sales funnel to maximize income and reduce costs to the point where your return on investment (ROI) makes the whole process worthwhile. If you are not making a profit, what is the point?roi1-formula The only effective way to do this is to use software to track my visitors from the traffic source (Facebook ads, Adwords, organic etc) all the way through to hopefully a conversion. Once you start to see a some data coming through, it is very easy to spot which keywords (adwords) or interests (Facebook) are costing you lots of money and which ones are making you lots of money. There are other factors at play as well, like Gender, age and other demographics plus technical stuff like the device they are using to view your lead pages or sales pages. Armed with all this priceless data you are then able to turn a losing campaign into a winner!

Just What is Funnel Flux?

In essence, Funnel Flux is a brand new point and click visual sales funnel creator and tracker; but that sentence does not do it justice at all. It is far more than that with some extra special treats for all budding marketers under the bonnet, but more on that in a minute. Vitavee has stated that Funnel Flux will become the number 1 product in the sales funnel building and tracking market and my early impressions tell me that I suspect it will be.

Here is a brief list of Funnel Flux’s main features:

  • Visual Funnel Builder - Allows you to build funnels quickly with a drag and drop interface without needing to place any script on any page.
  • Powerful Statistics Engine - Easily see at a glance where your sales funnel is succeeding and failing down from a global view down to minute detail like the dimensions of their monitor window.
  • Revolutionary Funnel Heatmaps - Pinpoint the exact bottlenecks in your traffic flow for all traffic sources with its powerful visual heatmap interface.
  • Geo Targeting and Rules - Control the flow of traffic based on the visitors location or other things like what device they are using or the source of the traffic, the flexibilty is limited by your own imagination.
  • Collect Conversion Data From Competitors - This is real espionage stuff as you can stealthily enter new markets using your competitor’s web pages in just 5 minutes using some of Funnel Flux’s advanced features.
  • Leads Lifetime Value - See at a glance the value of any lead on your list from the moment they sign up and all conversions from that point on.
  • Magic Flux Tokens - Increase your conversions by personalizing your funnel to each visitor with the use of tokens. You do not need to know any PHP or other complicated scripting either.
  • Bot Filtering - Keep your stats clean with automatic bot filtering and custom IP filtering. These features are just the tip of a very large iceberg.


Updates Funnel Flux is a self hosted product so you do have to have your own hosting which is an extra expense but if you are serious about marketing then you will have hosting already. The plus side of this is that you are not handing over all your valuable data to a 3rd party for them to do what they want… Your data is yours and cant be seen by anyone else. VitaVee also states that it will run on anything from shared hosting at around $4 a month to a full blown dedicated server. This is truly impressive and in my tests on a VPS (virtual private server), I had no problems at all with the install. It was simply a case of uploading a few files and creating a database. All was explained in a video tutorial and I was up and running within 10 minutes. All updates to the software are also done automatically which saves a massive amount of grief on our behalf and potential to screw things up as well! This is a massive tick for Funnel Flux from the start.

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